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IMG_7079I grew up in Manhattan New York training in the most prestigious ballet schools in the city, dedicating  roughly 11 years of my life to the arts. When I started college I realized I wanted to take a different path within my life, in searching for this new path I reflected upon my life. What am I passionate about? What would make happy? and What would allow me to channel my creativity? I came back to the same thing every single time. Fashion. No matter what happened in life my love for fashion always remain. So I wanted to start this blog. Welcome to HauteFlare. My very own personal diary of everything from my life, Fashion or from anything that inspires me through out my life. I want to open the eyes of my followers to the versatility of fashion, the infinite amount of possibilities you can create with your own wardrobe.  You don’t always have to buy the most expensive brands to have the latest trends.




What made you start HauteFlare?

Well I live in New York the most beautiful and one of the most fashionable places to be. I’m just super exposed to fashion. I also wanted a way I can let my creative mind fly. Especially I love clothing what girl doesn’t. HauteFlare is my personal “Fashion Style” Diary.

Who takes your pictures?

My Boyfriend Rick takes my pictures. He definitely has an eye when it comes to taking pictures.

What Camera do you use?

Rick uses a Canon Rebel T2i and for my ootd pictures I use my own Sony A5100

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