Can’t Live Without

Here are a few of my favorite things from Bags, Make Up, Skincare and little extra stuff.

Everyone who knows me I LOVE everything Rebecca Minkoff! Clothes, bag, little accessories also lets just say she is pretty amazing closing down Greene St. during Fashion Week for her show!I was working so I really couldn’t go back afterwards I was seeing live pictures of everything, and I think its her best yet! I was actually on lunch break I decided to check out Rebecca Minkoff to see if they have any new bags for my *cough cough* christmas/birthday. I saw so many beautiful cute bags but I saw this tiny bag on SALE, and I thought it was perfect especially for Fashion Week it was my everyday bag. I use it almost everyday its the perfect size bag. Check out the cute red tassel adds that extra touch (also Rebecca)

I have never seen in my life Lip products bug so huge! Lip stain, matte lip stick, liner, lip gloss, and plumpers. There is so many things in the “make up world” I need to learn but I know for a fact I love my Fall lip sticks shades. Love my nudes, berries and dark lip I know I only get out my dark brown matte lipstick only in the fall… I think you can only do it then always…but I might be wrong. I love Anastasia Matte Lip stick, and especially Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic lip products I think are great! Another great brand is NYX Cosmetics they have endless lipstick definitely check them out. Lets talk about Anastasia Make up I am very new to make up and all but I really did learn it all using Anastasia. When I tell you I never in my life thought I would ever do my eyebrows everyday, and take my sweet time to make sure they are perfect! The thin eyebrow pencil is LIFE! I can do detail, and “feather” it to make them look more natural. Anastasia just makes great make up their Contour Kit, Glow Kit, Eye Shadow Singles ohhh so many amazing products. Have you guys ever used any of their product?

Also nail color is “Bride to Be” by Essie! obsessed xo

I know more make up but I’m telling you Im really trying to learn how to do flawless make up! I went into Sephora around summer looking for a new foundation with FULL COVERAGE! I was breaking out a lot at the time, and I needed something to give me a little bit of confidence. I talked to this super friendly girl who works there and helped me with like 6 different companies. Becca Full Coverage foundation was just like I found a gem. Leaves my skin looking amazing especially with full coverage. Definitely one of my favorite make up must haves .. probably forever!

Want to see magic happen.. this oxygen mask does that! I’ve been into skincare the last couple of months I used to have so many break outs during Middle School, High School, and oh my gosh College it was bad. I learned how to take care of my skin, and kudos to Ricky and his family for helping me out because I feel so beautiful in my skin. I tried this Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask after my normal skincare routine lets just say I use it almost everyday when my skin needs that pick me up. When the mask touches wetness it forms foam! so much foam, and it feels amazing even smells amazing. I know Bliss has a skin spa you should check it out, and watch the magic happen.

I love my new Swell water bottle! It keeps me hydrated, and you can’t go wrong with marble right? Keeps my water, tea, coffee super hot or cold. Its just a perfect amount. Even when I place it on my table it’s honestly great decor.

Hey now that you know my tops for right now whats your top things you can’t live without right now it could be anything. A song? Food? Make up? Would love to hear it!