Ladies it’s time to bring out those sandal’s!! New York City hit us with beautiful weather today but for everyone else Spring is coming “Bring it on” warmer weather. I know for some of you might think that Spring is a little to early for sandal’s but on a 70 degree weather day I want to show my toes.. well if they’re painted or if I got a mani pedi recently. I love a good simple shoe for the Spring and as of right now I’m obsessed with Camel, Nude, champagne shoes. There is something about a “Nude” shoe that gives it that chic look to every outfit. Don’t get me wrong I love my black shoes I have too many but Black can sometimes but a little harsh. I come to think that nude and navy are the new black right now.

I know when the weather gets beautiful I tend to shop a little more.

I have a list of perfect shoes for the Spring down below