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 Beanie Urban Outfitters / Oversized T-shirt Dress Zara

Ever tired on a pair of sunglasses that was purely perfect? The fit, design, and just the over all look of it. When I tried these glasses on I was just so excited like FINALLY the perfect pair. I know when I find the perfect pair of sunnies my outfit is on point, and my confidence goes through the roof. Its very important to understand the shapes of sunglasses and which looks best on your face.

Let me give you a few tips that I have found in styling people for sunglasses, usually if somebody has an oval shaped face I would recommend them to try wearing Aviators. The Aviators give a slight slimming effect on the face. The same can be said for people with even more round shaped faces, Oversized sunglasses can visually effect the perception of a round face. Knowing these little tricks can help you a lot shopping for sunglasses especially online. In my experience, people come in many shapes and sizes but the safest bet of sunglasses are usually Cat-eye and Round. They’re such classic and vintage styles that have stood the test of time in fashion. This is why its important to get the perfect pair and officially complete your look.