Life Update

Life Update

Well I knew a lot of you guys noticed my mini disappearance a little over a month ago. I wanted to give you guys a life update; What I have been doing and personal things I have been thinking about the last couple of weeks.

It was most definitely an unplanned small hiatus for me. I came back from Turks and Caicos physically  refreshed had a couple of things planned for Haute Flare but I didn’t know at all where I was mentally.. (Its not like I went crazy or anything) I just needed some time to step back and reassess things going on with my life. We all have those moments where we need to step out of our usual cycle and allow your self to look at your life from a different prospective.

Just before my vacation I decided to leave my job that I always knew wasn’t for me. Constantly coming home late and not having time for my family, friends and especially myself really started to bum me out and honestly put me in a mental funk. I remember staying up nights praying and looking for guidance to take me out of this mental space and the more I did the more the solution became clearer. I need to put me first… At the end of the day I can only live my life and I know God put me here for reason and its not to suffer doing something that doesn’t fulfill me.

So I had to take a long hard look at my life and be honest with myself. What do I regret? What do I want to do differently? Whats gonna push my life to the next chapter and help me down the line? And most importantly whats going to give me back that sense of fulfillment.

The Next Chapter

The answer was simple.. School! When I was younger I never really took it seriously,  maybe because the program I was enrolled in was hard to translate into the real world and never really gave me an opportunity to thrive after the program finished. I started to do my research focusing on new career paths that I could envision myself in. Ultimately I decided on Radiology with a primary interest in Ultra Sound. The idea of helping people especially in such a beautiful chapter of their life really moved me. I began to envision myself doing this more and more each day.

My love for fashion isn’t going anywhere and I still plan on regularly blogging here on HauteFlare.

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