Well, I’m back from Turks and Caicos and I can say that it was probably the best vacation I have ever been on! The sights, people and also I can talk hours and hours about the beautiful beaches. I definitely want to go back very soon. If you ever have a chance to go to Turks and Caicos GO! You’ll mostly definitely have the most amazing time and never want to leave this place.

The flight wasn’t bad at all it was about a 3 hours which isn’t bad at all. We stayed at a private villa on Blue Mountain the house and location is beautiful! Patrick the home owner was very kind to tell us where the best places were to go on the island and we had a bucket list to do before we left.

Here is where we stayed AQUA VISTA

We explored so many beaches I do recommended Grace Bay Beach and Sapodilla. Grace Bay Beach is the perfect beach for everyone. There is so many activities to do at Grace Bay. Rick and I did parasailing which was beautiful we basically saw the whole island but they had snorkeling and boating and so much more it just depends on what you wanted to do while you’re there. Sapodilla beach is perfect for kids the water is up to your knees but if you go a little further out its still probably 5ft-6ft deep the most. Rick and I did jet skiing and paddle boarding which was so much fun.

(Also by Grace Bay Beach there is a bar called Pelican Bay Bar where you can order and take your drinks on to the beach!)

There’s so many places to eat at Turks & Caicos we stayed at a villa so we had the luxury to go food shopping but let me tell you something that blew my mind. Getting food there is so expensive I couldn’t believe it. Probably triple from what we pay (If you go there don’t be shocked that a Pineapple is around $20) A couple of my favorite places I do recommend is for fine dining Coco Bistro, Seven, and Magnolia (Helpful hint: before you go please call for a reservation before you go) for cheap eats I definitely recommend da Conch Shack, Chinson’s Grill Shack (The best Pina Colada!!) and Simone’s Bar and Grill the food was fantastic.

Crazy story! So my boyfriend’s mom follows a couple of bloggers and we realized that they stayed at the Villa very close to ours and we wanted to see what they did on the island while they were here. So they all went to Amanyara Resort. So we decided to drive over and check the place out… Guys I kid you not we drove on a dirt road for about 25 mins this place was far away from everything!! but when we drove up we were greeted by security of course you had to have a reservation to even get in but they were so sweet about it they said we can come in but only for a drink. We were so excited to see what what inside. I know why this place is away from everything its beautiful it’s so different from the rest of the island.

Amanyara ‘Amanpuri’ which means “Place of Peace” and i’ll tell you know it was so peaceful. I was only able to get a couple of pictures but if you want to see more or know more about it definitely check it out


This was most definitely one of the best vacations I ever been on! It was an experience I will never forget. I was able to do everything I wanted to do on the island. I definitely know where to go when I want to unwind and get away from the world. Turks & Caicos I will see you soon