New Skin Care Update

New SkinCare Routine

Recently, I started a new skincare routine. Now that the weather is slowly changing my skin also changes with it.. unfortunately… but the products I have been using now I’ve been loving the results. Guys it’s such a great feeling when your skin is just listening to you and not doing its own thing. I love the feeling when my skin is healthy and glowy with a little help of my products. These are products I actually use every single night. By using these products I have definitely seen a difference in my skin.

Okay first and foremost drink water.. a lot of it. I know for myself I have to implement more water every day. Sometimes there are days where I don’t drink water at all and next day.. a pimple magically appears on my face and its the worst feeling. Get enough sleep also its very important to rest. In the middle of 2017 I decided to focus on my skin!. I had to do so much research and sample some of the products before I bought them. I didn’t realize how important skincare was until I went to a facialist who told me I had so much build up in my skin (tiny pimples, white heads and acne spots) I knew I had to get products to help my skin heal and become hydrated.

Recently went to Sephora to check out new products for skincare I saw this beautiful pink bottle! I was obsessed in that moment also I’m a sucker for good packaging (Who isn’t?). The description of the product  was “A Sleeping Mask” now I never heard of a product like this I asked one of the people who worked there and they were so helpful. The Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask was number one seller in the whole country and I didn’t believe her at first but I decided to try it. Especially when the first three things it said it was going to do was “Hydrate, Smooth and Perfect Skin Overnight” That’s a winner right there!

The Sleeping Mask is my final step in my routine but it’s definitely the one I love the most. I put a dime amount on my hand and then place it all over my face and neck (Never forget the neck) I don’t wash it off I let it dry and I sleep with it on. Guys when I wake up in the morning I splash a little of water on my face and my skin is soft, smooth and just feels so hydrated! It’s amazing!

The Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask If you want to check it out here it is.

Below I placed the rest of the products I use every night and love!

If you don’t know Tatcha please stop what your doing and look up a couple of their products and try them out!! They’re amazing. When I first heard about them I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend a lot of money on products I didn’t know how it would react to my skin. So I got the Best Seller Set and I fell in love with every single product. Especially the Rice Enzyme Powder and Skin Mist!

Tatcha Best Sellers Set  (When ever you want to try a skincare company see if they have a set that you can try)

FaceMask I use every single day. It’s like my own personal mini spa I have everyday afterwork and class. I have different kinds for a specific things I’m dealing with my skin from dryness, acne and hydrating. Sometimes it’s hard to find face masks especially when they’re sometimes expensive depending on the company. I use FaceTory you have to see the amount of face masks they have. I order usually order 7-10 masks. It is worth it.

FaceTory Face Masks

Now this product was probably the most expensive but there has most definitely been a difference in my skin. The only problem I have is the price.. but do I think it’s worth it? oh absolutely! SK-II is amazing. The first product I bought from them was The Facial Treatment Essence. I did my research before I decided to buy this item. It is definitely for oily and acne prone skin. First time using it my skin felt soft  I even went without make up. I use wear a lot more make up then what I use now and I think changing my routine really helped.