Oh Deer! Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I know your getting those last minute costumes ready. I have a quick and easy cute make up look. Also I’m not a make up artist I wanted to do a simple look and whether it’s your favorite filter on snapchat or favorite animal I’m going to show you how to create a cute little Deer.

The great thing about this makeup you have your base makeup (what you normally do to do your makeup) I did foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, and contour. My makeup for this look was done by one of my best friends @NeeJaySherman super talented definitely check her out on her Instagram. 🙂

Things you will need:

White liner

Black and white face paint “Halloween store”

Eye lashes 

Black eye liner 

Optional Deer Ears

Your going to want to define the contour on top of your forehead, and your cheeks with a couple of shades darker then your skin tone just to bronze it up. On the bridge of your nose your going to want contour here also follow it up to the tip of your eyebrows. Don’t not blend! You can blend a tiny bit but not that much you want that Deer nose.

Get your white eyeliner pencil and but it on your water line it will open up your eyes more. Later on your going to go with a high lighter powder and blush a little bit on the corn of your eyes.

Next take your white pencil or white paint which ever you prefer your going to start making spots on the top of your forehead and where you put your bronzer for the contour. Now do different sizes of circles. Are you starting to look like a Deer yet?

Your going to put on some lashes it depends on how long or dramatic you want them. My lashes were from target but they still had that natural length and still had that perfect lash effect on them. Then your going to do either a thick eye liner or a long wing at the end of it.  I decided to do a long wing instead for this look.

Get your black paint now, and your going to draw a nose and mouth for the Deer. For the nose your just going to do the bottom half on your nose. When your look at a picture of a Deer they have a very small nose. Then from the bottom of your nose your going to draw a line going from your nose to the top of your mouth. For the mouth your only going to fill in the top lip.

Do some touch ups here and there where you think something could be defined a little more. But now for the hair I didn’t know which way to go but I have my ears on and I put my hair in two buns and let me hair down.


Now do you look like a Deer?! Well I told you it was simple makeup! I wanted to show you guys something for those last minute costumes now Halloween and stay safe tonight xoxo

Love you my Deers